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Bird Control

Birds cause untold millions of dollars of damage every year to homes
and buildings in New York City and the surrounding areas like Brooklyn,
Queens, the Bronx and Long Island. Magic Exterminating is prepared to
handle the proper control of pigeons, sparrows, and other birds with our
various different methods.

Full Service Pest Control,
NYC to Long Island

Magic Exterminating is a full service pest control
company capable of handling any and all pest
problems in residential, commercial and industrial
settings. Our service areas include Long Island,
New York City (NYC), Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

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Did you Know?

Birds are creatures of habit. They will perform the same routines every day. They will feed at one location, then roost at another location, and finally nest at a third location.

Magic Bird Control can take care of Bird problems in New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island. Controlling and Exterminating birds is a Magic speciality - our treatment methods have achieved excellent results!

Get the RIGHT Bird Control Treatment in NYC:

  • Bird-Shock Flex-Tracks
  • Daddi Long Legs
  • Poll-Spike
  • BirdSlide
  • Bird-Flite Spikes
  • Bird Traps
  • Gutter-Point
  • StealthNet
  • Bird-Coil
  • Birdwire

Birds cause untold millions of dollars of damage every year to homes, commercial buildings, government facilities and industrial complexes in New York City. Their droppings, nesting materials and parasites pose serious threats to structures and to the people in and around them.